Committed to advancing scientific understanding and research in neurophysiology

A passion for science

Driven by a passion for unraveling the complex mechanism of the brain, particularly in understanding how oxygen dynamics and microcirculation affect neurological conditions and overall brain health.

In Vivo Imaging of Oxygen Dynamics

Using innovative fluorescent oxygen biosensors to study oxygen distribution and dynamics within the living brain.

Discovery and Function of the Fourth Meninges

Unraveling the novel meningeal layer’s role in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow and immune cell trafficking.

Molecule Exchange Assays

Elaborating on the mechanisms of molecular exchange across the blood-CSF barrier.

Novel Biosensors

Developing and applying new biosensors for in vivo imaging to understand physiological processes in the brain.

Neurodegenerative Disease Models

Studying cerebral oxygen alterations in models of neurodegenerative diseases.

Astrocytic Anion Regulation

Investigating the dynamic role of astrocytes in brain function.

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